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Benefits of summer 

Summer vacation means a break from school, but it shouldn’t mean a break from dance! While downtime is important, hanging out with friends has values..

summer can be long for an active child, so why not enroll them with something they love? 


-Students can continue to work on, or maintain valuable learning skills skills such as the ability to focus, to be disciplined, maintain a healthy lifestyle, to develop self-confidence, to build skills for self-expression, and make important friendships 

    ⁃    Dance helps children socialize

    ⁃    Summer dance provides students and parents a short term commitment to try a new studio or dance style

    ⁃    Small class sizes

    ⁃    Provides a positive and fun environment for the child

     - New dance students get comfortable and build friendships

    ⁃    Learn important, basic skills while participating in small fun, theme, dance day, camps, and technique classes

    ⁃    Gain additional technical skills

    ⁃    Focus on areas dancers find challenging, but participating in workshops such as it turns and leaps, flexibility, stretch and strength and others!

    ⁃    Intensive focus on new dance styles or focus on a class that they feel passionate about

    ⁃    Even schools recommend reading lists and math skills over the summer. To maintain skills acquired during the school year and if you take the summer off you at a disadvantage when classes begin

    ⁃    Summer dance experiences come in many shapes

    ⁃    Allow your dancer to step out of their box and try a new style or work with a new teacher or a new studio

    ⁃    Build friendships with those who also share their passion for dance

    ⁃    Downtime is great.. investing in your Dancer and their passion… Exhilarating!

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