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We offer a wide range of classes for everyone!

Ballet - Tap - Hiphop - Jazz - Lyrical - Contemporary

Pointe - Boys Hiphop - Acrobatics - Pom Funk - Twirl




The introduction to this level is based on fundamental training and creative movement. We offer combo classes, 45 minute or an hour classes for this level.



Kids love our Hip Hop classes because they are high energy and fun! Parents love our hip hop classes because the music, movement and costuming are family friendly! Our Hip Hop Curriculum teaches students  to combine hip hop fundamentals (Bounce, Groove, Rock, Slide, Footwork, Glides and Locking) with Transitions, Spatial Awareness, Lines, and Musicality in a the style of commercial hip hop dance, while having fun!


This fun and creative class has a different theme and focus each month. With the use of props and imagination, this Tap/Ballet combo class is a hit for young dancers!


This beginner class starts with creating sounds and teaches students to use their feet to create rhythm and syncopation by differentiating ways to create a variety of sounds using the toe tap and heel tap on their tap shoes.



The dancer will learn strong technical skills such as flexibility, isolations, and coordination while executing big leaps and turns. Ballet is highly recommended for dancers in this class.



Classical ballet training that focuses on strength, musicality, coordination and discipline. We work on proper body alignment, concentrate on the fundamentals of classical ballet technique and establish a foundation for all other styles of dance.



Guys will love this BOYS ONLY class where they'll burn energy learning street style hip hop technique, choreography, and tricks! Parents love our hip hop classes because the music, movement and costuming are family friendly! 




A pom fun class combines cheerleading and hip hop dance elements to create an upbeat and energetic workout. The class typically begins with a warm-up to get the body moving, followed by learning basic dance steps and cheerleading techniques. As the class progresses, participants will learn a routine that incorporates both styles of dance. The class is designed to be fun and engaging, with a focus on building strength, coordination, and confidence. Whether you have prior dance or cheer experience or are a beginner, a pom fun class is a great way to get active and learn new skills in a supportive and inclusive environment.


This class combines ballet, modern, and Jazz techniques. Lyrical dance requires strong technique as well as emotional execution to the lyrics of the music. For beginner level dancers  ballet  is recommended as a prerequisite for taking this class.




A fun and energetic way to learn rhythm, counting to music, and picking up choreography. The class typically starts with a warm-up to get the body moving and our instructor will then teach basic hip hop moves and break them down step-by-step, allowing the students to practice and master each move.This helps to build teamwork skills and allows the students to showcase their newfound skills.

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 3.43.59 PM.png


A jazz class is an exciting and dynamic way to learn about the art of dance. The class often begins with a warm-up session that focuses on stretching and conditioning exercises to help develop flexibility and strength. Once the warm-up is complete, the instructor will move on to teaching technique, which is crucial for jazz dance. Students will learn about proper alignment, posture, and how to execute a variety of jazz steps such as turns, leaps, and jumps.


Students learn in a tap class how to create different sounds with their feet. This involves using different parts of the foot to strike the floor, such as the ball, heel, or toe. Students also learn how to vary the force and speed of their movements to create different sounds and volumes.Once students have a grasp of the basic sounds, they begin to learn more complex rhythms and syncopations. These involve combining different sounds and movements in intricate patterns that create a unique musicality. Students learn to count beats and phrases, and to use their bodies to accentuate different parts of the rhythm.



Ages 13 and up

Our most popular class! Kids love our Hip Hop classes because they are high energy and fun! Our Hip Hop Curriculum teaches students to combine hip hop fundamentals (Bounce, Groove, Rock, Slide, Footwork, Glides and Locking) with Transitions, Spatial Awareness, Lines, and Musicality in a the style of commercial hip hop dance, while having fun! 



Our Acrobatic Arts Curriculum at this age teaches 5 foundational pillars: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering, and tumbling. Foundational pillars are utilized to execute skills such as walk-overs, hand springs, aerials and partner tricks.Dancers may work on perfecting their form and technique, as well as developing their strength and flexibility. The class may also include choreography to incorporate the acrobatic skills into a performance. Safety is always a top priority in acrobatic classes, and spotters may be used to ensure the safety of the dancers.


Ages 13 and up

Pointe/pre-pointe students must have a minimum 2 years of recent ballet training, attend a minimum of 2 weekly ballet classes, pass a classroom screening test and receive clearance from their doctor to begin pointe work. When the student is ready to begin pointe work, the parent, student, teacher and/or director will attend a professional pointe shoe fitting together. The parent, student and teacher will sign a detailed agreement outlining the commitment expectations and progress plan before the student’s first class en pointe



A musical theatre class is an exciting and engaging course that combines singing, acting, and dancing to create a unique form of entertainment. Students in these classes learn the art of storytelling through song and dance, and develop their skills in acting and characterization.




A contemporary dance class for ages 11 and up typically begins with a warm-up to increase flexibility and prepare the body for movement. The class then progresses to across-the-floor exercises and center combinations that focus on technique, musicality, and creative expression. Students may also learn choreography that incorporates contemporary dance elements such as floor work, improvisation, and partnering.

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Ages 11 and up

Our jazz dance class is a fun and energetic class that teaches students the fundamentals of jazz dance technique. The class typically begins with a warm-up that includes stretching, isolations, and across-the-floor exercises to help the students prepare their bodies for the choreography. Students will then learn a combination, which is a sequence of steps set to music. The instructor will break down the steps and movements, and the students will practice the combination until they feel comfortable performing it. Throughout the class, the instructor will focus on proper technique, musicality, and performance quality. At the end of class, students will cool down and stretch to help prevent injuries. Overall, a jazz dance class is a great way for students to improve their dance skills, express themselves creatively, and have fun.


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