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Exclusively the only

dance studio

on Long Island to have this

fun amazing program!

Enchanted Forest 

10 week session

Fridays 5:00PM-6:00PM

October 5th - December 14th

Contact us for

Early Registration Rates

& Pricing


New Session-Based Format

Our new Princess Ballerinas classes will run in 10-week sessions. Each session is based on an imaginative story and theme that will take your budding ballerina on an exciting adventure where we’ll explore with thematic music, dancing and imaginative props. 

A Fresh Theme & Story Every Session

The stories and themes are designed to keep your tiny dancer excited and engaged each and every week, all year long- In fact, she’ll never see the same theme twice as long as she’s enrolled in a Princess Ballerinas class! 

Student Bonus Materials

Each story book features a matching set of student bonus materials! Each session, your child will receive…​

  • A matching coloring page

  • A sticker chart to track skill progress

  • A certificate of completion to celebrate her effort and hard work in class. 

  • Your dancer can even practice or perform at home- free matching playlist of our in-class music is available on Spotify!  

  • Best of all- all of the new bonus materials are 100% complimentary!

Parent Demonstration Weeks

Our new 10-week sessions of Princess Ballerinas classes will offer more opportunities to come in for a front row seat to see your little ballerina perform. During week 5 of each session, you’ll be invited in during the last 5 minutes of class for a “sneak peek” to see a little of what your child has been learning in the session so far.

Then, at the last class of each session, you’ll be invited into the classroom during the last half of class for a full performance, in costume! Costumes are provided on a “dress-up” basis, so there’s no additional cost to you. 

Priority Registration

We have a lot of promotional activities planned this winter to start our new Princess Ballerinas program off on the right foot. We expect our classes to be at capacity by the start of the session so we would like to offer our existing families a chance at priority registration. Priority Registration for existing students will begin on November 20th - December 31st.

Pre-Registration & Early Bird Bonuses:

All other new students and dancers will be able to register during our early bird register. Our prices will increase by $25 if not enrolled by December 31st.


Our beautiful Ballerinas! Can't wait for our new session ENCHANTED FOREST 🌳 to start September 15th
Princess Ballerinas! Our summer session starts July 11th! Sign up now at xrdance_gmail
Missing our Ballerinas today 🌸
3 days away from our PRINCESS BALLERINAS SESSION! Exclusively the only studio on Long Island to offe
Our beautiful Ballerinas at the barre during our February break Princess Ballerinas class! 🦋🎀❤👑👸
Some more photos from our princess ballerina's session during February break
The only dance studio on Long Island to have this incredible program.
Princess Ballerinas fun with our froggy jumps 🐸
Our colorful Princess Ballerinas in class 🦋 👑 👸🏼⭐️
Best time today with our Ballerinas 🎀🦋👑👸🏼
Princess 👸🏼 Ballerinas
Start your tiny ballerina off with this amazing program this spring! Princess Ballerinas _Mermaid Ad
A little clip of our Mermaid Adventures Ballet dance that we learned in during our 10 week session
🐚🐠MERMAID ADVENTURES 🐠🐚 has come to an end.
Our Princess Ballerinas with their Fairy Wings..
Back with our princess ballerinas tomorrow! 👑👑 stay tuned for another Princess Ballerinas series c
Taking a look back at our last 10 weeks of Princess Ballerinas
Our beautiful butterfly's in our Princess Ballerinas class! Be on the lookout for our next session s
Across the floor jumps 👏🏼
👑PRINCESS BALLERINAS 👑 Summer camp starts THIS MONDAY July 10th!! Sign up today at xrdance_gmail
Spaces have been filling up already for all of our amazing summer camps! Princess Ballerinas starts
Princess Ballerinas - New session starts in February
Week 1 of Princes Ballerinas doing our Fairy Walks
Congrats to all our Princess Ballerinas! Our new session starts in 1 month! Sign up today at xrdance
Week 3 of Princess Ballerinas today! - Lily Pads, Fairy Wings and Flowers, oh my! 👑🐸🍃🌸✨🎀💓🎶 #x
❤️ #PrincessBallerinas #xrdance
Jumping over our lily pads! 🐸 #princess #xrdance #kidsdanceclasses #steps #ballerinas
Princess Ballerinas _A Mermaid Adventure_ was a hit this afternoon! Amazing job Ballerinas ❤🐚🐬🐙🐠
Our February break _Princess Ballerinas_ Barnyard Ballet session was a hit! Enjoyed our company with
Happy Monday!
Can't wait to see all of our beautiful dancers this week ❤🌺
Two more classes left with our Princess Ballerinas.jpg.jpgwe don't want our time to end! 🎶 New seri
Our beautiful Princess Ballerinas ❤️🎶👑
Learning our plies in center • Princess Ballerinas _Fairy Garden Adventure_ 🎀🎉 #xrdance #dancing #
🐠🐳🦀🐬🐙_A MERMAID ADVENTURE 🐚 New Music, dance, adventures and storytelling in each class over t
Start your tiny ballerina off with this amazing program this spring! Princess Ballerinas _Mermaid Ad
Princess Ballerinas today! 🎀_•••••••••••••••••••••••••••_#xrdance #dance #fitness #danceandfitness
Froggy jumps in our Princess Ballerinas class! 🎀👍🏽🐸
Princess Ballerinas starts 1 week from today. A few spots left - sign up today at xrdance_gmail
Princess Ballerinas Today learning our Froggy Jumps 🐸_•••••••••••••••••••••••••••_#xrdance #dance #
The best girlfriends 👯❤
Working on our 5 positions! 👯🎀 Princess Ballerinas _Fairy Garden Adventure_ ••••••••••••••••••••••
Princess Ballerinas was so much fun today! 🎀❤️ #ballet #ballerinas #princess #steps #kidsdanceclass
Our ballerinas ❤️ NEW STUDENTS! Receive 1 free month when you sign up for 2017 ---_ make this the be
Across the floor 🎶
Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
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